Vintage snowmobiles wanted for parts or restoration.


Do you live in Maine? 

My name is Fred I am from Hermon , Maine near Bangor. I have started looking for old snowmobiles to save from the scrap heap. I had a spell where I collected ski-doo's then when my first daughter was born I sold everything even a 1964 tin cab moto-ski. Now that I have kids and they are getting to the age that I can take them out snowmobiling I want to start working on the old sleds again. I would like them to get involved in fixing up the old machines. I am not doing it for money I am doing it for the enjoyment. I wish I had the room to start a snowmobile museum. I hate to see them sitting outside rusting away. I am not rich so if you expect to get top dollar out of something please go to a collector.  I am looking for snowmobiles in Maine Only unless someone has a mint 1973 Scorpion Super Stinger 400RV.

Do you have any of the following?

Any early  60's - early 70's snowmobiles, parts snowmobiles, misc. parts, brochures, sleighs, or clothing.

Here is a list of different snowmobiles I am mostly interested in.  Looking for parts machines or sleds that need some TLC so I can get some restored. 

Moto Ski  Spirit (like Elan) 

1973 Scorpion (my first snowmobile was a 1973 Scorpion Super Stinger 400RV)

69 or older Scorpion snowmobiles (OR 1973)

1968 or older Moto Ski snowmobiles (OR Spirit)

Bolens Hus Ski or Diablo Rouge snowmachines

73 or older Arctic Cat snowmobiles

60's and 70's ski-doo's

1965 ski doo chalet need not have a motor (I have one)

1968 Olympique need not have a motor (I have one)

 ski-doo Elan's

60's Polaris


Please let your old iron go to a good home.

Thanks for your time,


Here is a list of sleds I do have right now. Most of them need some parts before I restore them.

64 Bolens Hus Ski L152 JLO

1965 ski-doo Olympique

66 Moto Ski Cadet 246 Hirth

66 Moto Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth

66 ski-doo Super Olympique 247 Rotax

67 Moto Ski Zephyr 300 Hirth

68 Moto Ski Cadet 246 Hirth

68 Ski-Doo Super Alpine 370

68 Scorpion Mark II

1973 ? Whip It Prowler 399 ( Only snowmobile made in Maine )

74 ski-doo Elan 250ES - Restored

1976 ski-doo Elan 250ES

79 Moto Ski Spirit



1973 Polaris Colt SS 295  restorable

1974 Colt F/A 340 parts or get running

Two other parts sled 72 and 73?

All for $300.00

I am getting out of Polaris snowmobiles but I would still like to find a Sno Traveler to restore.



1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969  1970 1971 1972 1973  1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 Hermon Bangor